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FMF has made it clear that we love 2-strokes, and we're backing it up by adding an all-new muffler design to our line-up. Don Emler headed up the Q-Stealth personally, because he loves to ride 2-strokes and is dedicated to reducing noise levels. The Q-Stealth is living proof FMF is the only exhaust company committed to bringing new technology to the 2-stroke enthusiast.

-Quiet on the trail as well as on the sound meter

-No power loss

-More packing volume-longer time between repacks

-USFS approved spark arrestor

-AMA and FIM enduro legal

Item ID: 025110
Type: Silencers
Spark Arrestor: Internal
Weight: 4.0 lbs.

Make Model Year Make Model Year
GAS GAS 250 07-11 GAS GAS 300 07-11
GAS GAS 300 07-11
    GAS GAS 250/300'07-11 T-CORE 2 SPARK ARRESTOR SIL   Item ID: 025096 - TurbineCore 2
    For: GAS GAS 250 2007


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