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FMF is about moving forward...faster. The all new Titanium Powercore 2.1 silencer is proof FMF is totally committed to 2-stroke progression in weight, performance and looks. FMF loves 2-strokes, they ride 2-strokes, and they are devoted to delivering superior power to the 2-stroke faithful.

  • -Race-tested, smooth power curve throughout the RPM range.
  • -Engineered to assault today's tracks and trails
  • -Larger diameter titanium canister for more tunability and longer lasting packing life.
  • -Delivers a crisp, notable sound.
  • -Pounds Lighter than stock.
  • -Complete titanium construction, front to back.
  • -Optimally designed to complement performance of FMF pipes; works and fits FMF or stock.

Item ID: 025231
Type: Silencers
Configuration: Single
Const: Aluminum
Finish: Natural
Midpipe: Stainless Steel
Endcap: Stainless Steel
Spark Arrestor: Internal
Carb Warning: no

Make Model Year
BETA 250RR 13-19
    BETA 250RR'13-19 ALUM P-CORE 2.1 SIL   Item ID: 025230 - Powercore 2.1
    For: BETA 250RR 2013


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