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FMF EXTREME and since 1973 have been about pushing the boundaries inside of the FMF Factory and the gnarliest of trails. The all new Titanium PowerCore 2.1 EXTREME was developed around Extreme riders such as Cody Webb, Graham Jarvis, and Colton Haaker to name a few. Built to create a smooth tractable power to help in the toughest conditions. This is proof FMF is totally committed to 2-stroke progression in weight, performance and looks. FMF loves 2-strokes, they ride 2-strokes, and they are devoted to delivering superior power to the 2-stroke faithful. ? -Race-tested, smoothest power curve throughout the RPM range. ? -Engineered to assault the toughest terrain and conditions such as Erzberg, Romanics and the TKO ? -Larger diameter titanium canister for more tunability and longer lasting packing life. ? -The EXTREME silencer delivers low decibels performance so you can really hear howmoptimal your bike is running ? ? -Complete titanium construction, front to back. ? -Optimally designed to complement performance of FMF pipes; works and fits FMF or stock.

Item ID: 025279
Type: Silencers
Configuration: Single
Const: Titanium
Finish: Blue Anodized
Midpipe: Stainless Steel
Endcap: Titanium
Carb Warning: no

Make Model Year Make Model Year
BETA 200RR 20-21 BETA 250RR 20-21
BETA 250RR 20-21
BETA 300RR 20-21 BETA 300RX 21
BETA 300RX 21
    BETA 200/250/300RR'20-21/300RX'21 ALUM P-CORE 2.1 SIL   Item ID: 025272 - Powercore 2.1
    For: BETA 200RR 2020


    BETA 200/250/300RR'20-21/300RX'21 T-CORE 2.1 SPARK ARRESTOR SIL   Item ID: 025273 - Turbinecore 2.1
    For: BETA 200RR 2020


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