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Turbinecore 2.1

Meet the WORLDS bestselling spark arrested exhaust, the TurbineCore 2.1 uses the exclusive "Turbine Dampening System". This top-notch product has well earned its U.S. Forest legal status. The straight through design of the spark arrestor canister and the performance flow stainless steel end cap ensures strength, durability and most importantly, track and trail proven unrestricted power and performance. The Turbinecore 2.1 is the #1 spark arrestor in the world!

• -Race-tested, smooth power curve throughout the RPM range.
• -Unrestricted performance unlike other brands that use inserts that can clog up with oil        and potential bike damage.
• -Engineered to assault today's tracks and trails
• -Larger diameter aluminum canister for more tunability and longer lasting packing life.
• -Delivers a crisp, notable sound.
• -Pounds Lighter than stock.
• -Complete Aluminum and Stainless Steel construction
• -Optimally designed to complement performance of FMF pipes; works and fits FMF or          stock.
• -Built In-House at FMF state of the art manufacturing facility in the USA