Shorty 025048

Shorty 025048

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Taking the proven success of the Powercore 2, FMF created the Powercore 2 Shorty, with a shorter inner core length and aluminum canister. This design results in a finely tuned bolt on performance silencer that maximizes bottom and mid rpm power. An excellent choice for tight tracks and supercross track applications.

Item ID:025048
Carb Warning:no
Weight:2.7 lbs.
KTM200 EXC04-05
KTM200 MXC04-05
KTM200 XC06-09
KTM200 XCW06-10
KTM250 EXC04-05
KTM250 MXC04-05
KTM250 SX03-10
KTM250 XC06-10
KTM250 XC-W06-10
KTM250 XC-W (E)08-09
KTM300 EXC04-05
KTM300 MXC04-05
KTM300 XC06-10
KTM300 XC-W06-10
KTM300 XC-W (E)08-09

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