TurbineCore 2 025027

TurbineCore 2 025027

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Our best selling Turbinecore 2 uses the exclusive "Turbine Dampening System". This top-notch product has well earned its U.S. Forest legal status. The straight through design of the spark arrestor canister and the performance flow stainless steel end cap ensures strength, durability and most importantly, track and trail proven unrestricted power. The Turbinecore 2 is the #1 spark arrestor in the world.

Item ID:025027
Spark Arrestor:Internal
Carb Warning:no
Weight:3.2 lbs.
KTM200 EXC04-05
KTM200 MXC04-05
KTM200 XC06-09
KTM200 XCW06-10
KTM250 EXC04-05
KTM250 MXC04-05
KTM250 SX03-10
KTM250 XC06-10
KTM250 XC-W06-10
KTM250 XC-W (E)08-09
KTM300 EXC04-05
KTM300 MXC04-05
KTM300 XC06-10
KTM300 XC-W06-10
KTM300 XC-W (E)08-09

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